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Blog     Healthcare Solutions     August 2015     Safeguarding Against HIPAA Violations and Penalties
Healthcare Solutions 04 August, 2015

Safeguarding Against HIPAA Violations and Penalties

Why It’s Time for a Reality Check

When it comes to medical practice management, most healthcare practices take information privacy and security very seriously in order to protect their patients. But, a large number of these organizations are often not entirely HIPAA compliant, leaving them open to potential breaches, HIPAA violations and penalties. In this recent Medical Economics article, Stericycle’s Lyn Triffletti discusses the importance of smaller physician practices proactively maintaining HIPAA compliance. Triffletti also offers some key “reality checks” that practices should be aware of when it comes to HIPAA rules and HIPAA training requirements, including:
  • Data breaches are a constant threat
  • Employees can pose risks to patient information
  • Patients are becoming more and more aware of their HIPAA rights
To address these reality checks, medical practices should work to enhance and maintain a “live” HIPAA compliance plan rather than “shelf” policies that never get enacted, reviewed or monitored. Organizations must also conduct HIPAA risk assessments and offer robust HIPAA training so the entire staff grasps their role in safeguarding patient information. Doing so helps to protect both your patients and the practice itself. To learn more about how Stericycle can support your organization’s HIPAA compliance efforts, click here.

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