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Blog     Corporate     March 2014     Stericycle Celebrates 25th Anniversary
Corporate 21 March, 2014

Stericycle Celebrates 25th Anniversary

It was 1989. Following public outcry after needles washed up on East Coast beaches, Congress passed the Medical Waste Tracking Act, and a new industry was born. One entrepreneur had a vision to provide new treatment technology as an alternate method to the then-standard method of incineration and help healthcare better manage waste costs. And, on March 21, Stericycle was incorporated to pursue that goal. 25_Years Looking back on our 25 year history, Stericycle had its struggles. We ran short on cash flow and were challenged financially. We faced a fire that destroyed one of our early facilities. We lacked density in our routes which impacted efficiency. However, even in those early days, it was our unrelenting focus on our customers that helped us survive and grow. Over the years, our services have expanded beyond regulated medical waste. We’ve added other waste services focusing on managing pharmaceuticals and environmental wastes from retail and healthcare settings. We provide compliance services to help our customers with employee safety, patient privacy, and Joint Commission requirements. We’ve become a leader in managing regulated recalls and returns for various industries. We’re also expanding our services to provide communication services that help healthcare providers connect better with their patients. Today, with over 560,000 customers in 12 countries, Stericycle is focused on helping our customers fulfill their promise by providing services that protect people and brands, promote health, and safeguard the environment. We take great pride in this core purpose and in our services. So on this, our 25th anniversary, I’d like to thank all of our customers for the opportunity to serve you, and all of our team members for their hard work each and every day. Although the last 25 years have been special, I truly believe our best years are still ahead of us. Charlie Alutto Stericycle President and CEO
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