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Corporate 25 July, 2013

16 Sustainability Stats for Stericycle

Stericycle is committed to goals that sustain people, customers and the environment. Here are 16 statistics that demonstrate that commitment.
  1. 970,000: kilowatt hours already saved by Stericycle annually from the adoption of more efficient lighting
  2. 42,500: number of trees Stericycle saved in 2012 by recycling corrugated boxes
  3. 2004: year Stericycle launched a comprehensive program to move customers from corrugated to reusables; we continue to review operational data to identify new opportunities for the most effective containers/packaging possible
  4. 140: millions of sharps containers that have been kept out of landfills with the use of our Bio Systems containers
  5. 77: percentage of scrap that goes toward recycling or beneficial use for Stericycle ExpertSUSTAINABILITY customers
  6. 20-30: estimated percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the introduction of compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles in contrast to diesel and gasoline fueled vehicles
  7. 25: number of years Stericycle has been helping customers segregate waste in order to reduce incineration
  8. 30: percentage of US waste that Stericycle treated by incineration in 2001
  9. 10: percentage of above in 2012
  10. 13.5: percent reduction in therms from turning down and tuning up Stericycle boilers
  11. 7: percentage improvement in fuel efficiency as a result of making automated manual transmission standard in Stericycle straight trucks
  12. 5: length of time in minutes that new Stericycle vehicles can idle before they automatically shut off
  13. 5: percent fuel efficiency improvement from adding fairings to Stericycle long-haul trailers
  14. 5: major sustainable business solutions that Stericycle offers its customers
  15. 20-50: tons of corrugated cardboard Stericycle recycled in the United States in 2012
  16. 0.5 -1: miles per gallon in fuel efficiency from using speed governors on all Stericycle vehicles
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