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From medical waste and document destruction to sustainability services and compliance solutions, the Stericycle team has been serving customers since 1989.

A Team of Purpose-Driven Individuals

Since our founding over 25 years ago, Stericycle has grown from a small start-up in medical waste management into a leader across a range of increasingly complex and highly regulated arenas, including compliance and sustainability waste services, brand protection solutions, and customer contact solutions.

Every organization today must comply with increasingly strict regulatory guidelines and quality controls in the delivery of their core businesses. Large or small, businesses can’t always do it on their own. They seek out Stericycle to help them. We have the expertise and passion to take on many complicated and often behind-the-scenes services our clients don’t always know how to do well but ultimately make their businesses better.

Stericycle is a team of talented and purpose-driven individuals.

Innovating From the Start

In the late 1980s, illegally disposed medical waste begins washing ashore of the Atlantic Coast. Shortly thereafter the U.S. Congress passes the Medical Waste Tracking Act of 1988 and the U.S. medical waste industry is born.

About the same time, Dr. James Sharp develops a business plan that focuses on helping hospitals manage their medical waste in an environmentally sound and cost effective manner; this leads to the formation of Stericycle in 1989.

Go with the Industry Leader

Medical waste management keeps you and your employees safe, and no one has more experience than
Stericycle. We have solutions for companies of all sizes.


Experience [1]


Professionals [2]


Percent On-Time
Service [3]


lbs Medical Waste
Properly Managed [4]


lbs Hazardous Waste
Responsibly Managed


lbs Pharmaceutical
Waste Safely Disposed


Tons Paper Securely
Shred and Recycled


Million lbs Waste Material
Diverted from Landfill


Recall Events

1) Founded in 1989, Stericycle has over 25 years of experience. 2) Based on 2016 data and includes both hazardous and medical waste. 3) Based on 2016 data, this includes pharmaceuticals from all customers including retailers. 4) Based on missed stops report for medical waste YTD through September 2016.