Hospital Integrated Waste Stream Solutions

Our Integrated Waste Stream Solutions (IWSS) offer Sustainable SolutionsTM for managing the complexities of all your hospital wastes.

Managing Hospital Waste Is a Complex Process

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Healthcare facilities, such as large hospitals and medical centers generate at least 10 different waste streams with 80% being highly regulated. These waste streams are:

No single department is responsible for managing all hospital waste streams. To stay in compliance and improve environmental performance, you don’t need 10 different waste companies. All you need is one. Stericycle.

Stericycle Untangles the Complexities of Hospital Waste Compliance

Designed to take the complexity and risk out of handling multiple waste streams in hospitals and major medical facilities, the IWSS program places Stericycle staff at your facility, to audit and coordinate the proper removal and treatment of all your wastes.

Our goal is to ensure that your hospital’s integrated waste program:

  • Is 100% compliant with The Joint Commission, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements
  • Help drive efficiencies
  • Achieves its sustainability or green goals and can document its successes

Our Sustainable Solutions Provide the One Waste Services Company Your Hospital Needs

When managing the intricacies of hospital waste management, you don’t need a number of specialty waste companies. Our IWSS program offers the following advantages:

One Team of Green and Compliant Specialists

Our team of hospital waste specialists can handle everything from regulated medical waste and sharps disposal to pharmaceutical waste compliance, electronic wastes, hazardous wastes, and municipal solid waste.

One Invoice With one Place to Track Your Hospital’s Sustainability Progress

We offer you one consolidated invoice and an online summary of all your waste streams through our unique, proprietary system. Our secure website allows you to evaluate all of your waste streams and monitor your hospital’s progress with your sustainability initiatives, any time of day or night.

One Proven Green, Compliant, Process

Stericycle supports you across the entire hospital enterprise — through your departments and hospital committees up to your corporate or executive board — with a multidisciplinary team to help you every step of the way.

We help drive efficiencies throughout the hospital. We are there to help you achieve sustainability, and compliance objectives — from identifying important opportunities, launching recycling initiatives, and measuring results.

We’re recognized as the industry leader in healthcare waste and the expert in healthcare compliance and environmental best practices.

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