biohazardous waste services

Stericycle is the nation's most trusted biohazard waste disposal company and the industry's environmental and safety leader.

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ICD-10-CM Webinars

Space is limited. Register now for a specialty specific ICD-10-CM training led by national recognized instructor, Susan Thurston.

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new online training center

Check out easier access and tracking for your healthcare team at

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pharmaceutical disposal

Stericycle provides pharmaceutical waste disposal services for retailers, manufacturers, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.

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hazardous waste services

Stericycle is experienced, knowledgeable, and fully-equipped to handle hazardous wastes for all types of businesses and industries.

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communication solutions

Stericycle provides critical patient and customer communication services for healthcare and multiple commercial industries.

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recall & retrieval/qa services

A product recall presents formidable challenges for any business, but Stericycle helps you meet that challenge with its recall & retrieval/qa services.

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sustainability services

Stericycle was founded on a belief in the need for safe, environmentally responsible management of regulated wastes and continues to expand on that heritage.

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compliance change highlight

Stericycle spotlights an area of focus that may affect your organization in 2015.

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Welcome to Stericycle

We Protect People and Brands, Promote Health and Safeguard the Environment

It's not just our core purpose. Protecting people and brands, promoting health and safeguarding the environment is our enduring commitment to your business and our 566,000 customers worldwide.

As a business-to-business service provider, we work with our clients to develop comprehensive solutions that improve employee and customer safety, ensure regulatory compliance, and minimize environmental impact while protecting your valuable name.

Our services include medical waste disposal, sharps disposal management, OSHA and HIPAA compliance programs, pharmaceutical returns and disposal, recall readiness training, product recalls and retrievals, sustainability services, hazardous waste disposal, containers, mailback systems, retail audits, and communication services.

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