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Staying Safe and Healthy During Flu Season

A Stericycle survey around the impact of influenza

Each and every year nearly 3 out of 5 Americans say they are worried about catching influenza, more commonly known as the flu. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the preliminary results for the 2018 flu season showed between 37 and 43 million illnesses related to the flu, causing between 17 and 20.1 million medical visits and between 530 to 650 thousand hospitalizations.

Not only does this highlight the importance of receiving a flu shot, but it also raises the question “What happens to all of those needles and lancets used when administering the vaccines?”. For doctor’s offices, retail pharmacies and other organizations that administer flu shots, it is imperative for both employees, the customers and the community that they are handling and disposing of these sharp safely and securely.

Stericycle recently surveyed 1,200 respondents ages 18 and above, with the goal of identifying consumer concerns, habits and insights around flu season, the flu itself and getting the flu shot.

Download our infographic to see some of the key finding of our survey. 

Click here to download our 2019 Flu Survey to see the full results.

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