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Expert Field Rep Registration



  • In order to complete a project successfully, you need to calculate expenses, mileage and hours worked. Please answer the questions below related to mileage and expenses
  • 1. You have accepted a project that requires you to visit the grocery store in the next town. At the start of your trip the car odometer read 45,367 miles. When you return home the odometer read 45,398 miles. How far have you traveled?

  • 2. You have accepted a project that includes visiting 10 retail locations. Your hourly rate is $12/hour. After completing the 10 locations you have accumulated the following expenses: 5.75 hours worked on the project, 135 miles traveled (paid from mile 1 at $0.30 per mile), and $3.55 total was spent on purchasing product. What are your total expenses?
  • 3. For the above project, you received an advance check in the amount of $50.00. You calculate and submit your final expenses. Choose the correct answer.

  • 4. You are assigned a project that requires you to remove Brand X Chicken Noodle Soup with lot code AX1443 from the store shelves. You check the shelves and find two cans of Brand X Chicken Noodle Soup with lot code AX1443 and 10 cans with lot code AX1433. You also find 6 cans of Brand X Beef Noodle Soup with lot code AX1443. You should:


Registration is a two-step process.

The first step requires you to provide contact information, general work history and interest in Stericycle. and to complete an assessment. Please be sure you have sufficient time to complete the first step which should take no more than 30 minutes. Once you start, you will not be able to save this page or return. Please click the Submit button when finished.

The second step includes completing an application and other required forms and submitting them to our Corporate Offices via mail, email or fax. Mailing information will be provided during step two.

Thank you for your time and interest.