Stericycle Is Proud To Partner With Premier

Stericycle provides industry-leading solutions and resources to help you manage your regulated waste streams in a safe, responsible, and sustainable manner. Stericycle’s full-scale solutions were developed to support your organization’s growth and help you meet regulatory demands.

Stericycle-Premier Agreement #PP-FA-985 | SID Contract Number #PP-SV-381

Safe Community Solutions

Together we can make the communities where we work and live safer.

MedDrop Drug Take Back Kiosks™
Protect and give back to your community by offering safe, convenient, and compliant disposal for household prescription medication drop off.

Seal&Send Drug Take Back™
Safe, sustainable, and trackable Seal&Send™ medication mail back envelopes make it convenient for consumers to dispose of medication at home. This helps keep prescription drugs out of the wrong hands and out of the environment.

SafeDrop Sharps Mail Back Program™
A cost-effective, safe, and convenient sharps waste mail back program for your business, patients, and customers.

Pharmaceutical Waste Management and Disposal

Industry-leading pharmaceutical waste solutions toprotect your patients, employees, and the environment.

Sharps Rx Pro™

Combine two major waste streams inone reusable container. SharpsRx Pro™ increasesnursing efficiency, quality of patient care, and your sustainability achievements.

CsRx (Controlled Substance Waste Disposal)

Help prevent drug diversion withinyourhealthcareorganization by managing controlled substance wastage.

Biohazardous Waste Disposal

End to end disposal of all wastes that may be described as regulated medical waste, biohazardous medical waste, and other potentially infectious materials.

Sharps Waste Management and Disposal

Reusable and disposable sharps containers and service options tailored to your facility type and size. We can help you safely manage sharps disposal.

Secure Information Destruction Services

Protect your clients' trusted relationships and your brand reputation with industry-leading Shred-it secure information destruction. 

Integrated Waste Streams Solutions

Streamline your waste management program with a single-source solution for management of all hospital waste streams.

Access key resources and information to help you continue optimizing your waste program.

Why Stericycle?

Your Single Nationwide Partners

We manage all healthcare regulated waste streams, and offer related compliance support such as training and educational materials. Our network of localized team members across the country maintain a 97% on-time pickup rate.1

Your Risk Reduction Experts

Our Regulatory Affairs team under Environmental Health & Safety keeps up to date with regulatory changes and engages with federal, state, and local agencies as needed to help keep our customers informed and compliant.

Your Sustainability Champion

In 2023, Stericycle recycled 906 million pounds of paper, incinerated 55 million pounds of pharmaceutical waste, and helped our customers divert 101 million pounds of plastic from landfills by using reusable sharps and pharmaceutical waste containers rather than single-use containers.1

1. Source: Stericycle data, 2023