Starting this Summer: Information at your fingertips!

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Introducing your new Shred-it Invoice

Consolidating all your service information means having everything on one invoice, making it even easier to know what you are paying for.

What's changing

You’ll see both the Stericycle and Shred-it logo on your invoice

New fields and altered the layout of the invoice

Simplified and consolidated service information

Clearer layout for key details like invoice number, due date and total amount due

  1. Stericycle and Shred-it® logos

  2. NEW — Customer Number

  3. Due date-May change +/- 1 or 2 days.

  4. NEW — Total account balance breakdown

  5. Service order number

  6. Itemized list of your services

  7. Remit Address (US Address shown in image)

What to Expect:

  1. You will still receive your invoices on your current schedule, give or take 1-2 days. You will also be able to access your invoices through our revamped
  2. All Customer Numbers will be changing. Your new Customer number can be found when you receive the new invoice, on your Proof of Service, or call the Customer Experience team. Additionally, we will email the new number to you prior to launch. Click here to learn what to do with your new number.
  3. Autopay Customers: For a secure transition, all autopay Customers will need to re-enroll in autopay with their new Customer Number. Keep an eye on your inbox for more information on how to simply make this update.
  4. For our Government Customers, you will notice that your compliance requirements are still provided on the Invoice. Our Tax ID, internal Customer Number, and DUNS are all clearly labeled and listed. The Customer PO is where you will find your contract number.

Receive New Service Notifications

Always know when we’ll be at your location with our new service notifications. 

Register your Account and re-establish Autopay will give you more flexibility and control over your account and services than ever before.

We are here along the way! Reach out to us at 800-697-4733 or at for help.