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Webinar: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Waste Management – Facts Not Fear

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Last updated 3/25/2020

Selin Hoboy, VP Government Affairs and Compliance, Stericycle Inc.

Selin Hoboy, VP Government Affairs and Compliance, Stericycle Inc.

Available now. 

On March 25th, Stericycle hosted an open invitation webinar “Coronavirus Waste Management: Facts not Fear”, designed for all healthcare customers including professionals in medical waste management, hospital administrators, healthcare providers and laboratories from across North America.

Given the high levels of demand, the useful information shared and the positive reception received, we decided to make this webinar available to everyone in the fight to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Learn from Selin Hoboy, Vice President of Government Affairs and Compliance and Cara Simaga, Director, Government Affairs about how Stericycle has been working with regulatory authorities to provide guidance on how to best manage waste generated during the care of patients with coronavirus (COVID-19). This includes proper packaging, transport, treatment and disposal.

You will also get the opportunity to learn about how Stericycle is adjusting its protocols to keep our employees, our customers and their patients, and our communities as safe as possible during this pandemic.

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