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Blog     Healthcare Solutions     September 2014     Hospitals Top List for Workplace Injuries
Healthcare Solutions 02 September, 2014

Hospitals Top List for Workplace Injuries

Most people don’t think of hospitals as an environment for high employee injuries. But in fact, more workers are injured at hospitals than in coal mines, law enforcement, or at industrial jobs. Because the health care industry is so closely related to wellness, people overlook all of the obstacles hospital employees face to avoid injury; including needle sticks, bloodborne pathogens, and equipment mishaps. The Gillette News Record recently posted an article about the high rate of hospital injury as compared to other industries. The article stated: “The hospital injury rate actually, on average across the country, is higher than construction, it’s higher than manufacturing, it’s higher than surface mining and it’s higher than the average of private industries across the United States,” John Fitch, vice president of human resources for Campbell County Health, said during the Campbell County Hospital District board meeting Thursday. Read the article in its entirety. ; border-width: 0!important; padding: 0!important; margin: 0!important;" width="1" />

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