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Blog     Healthcare Solutions     December 2017


Get tips, data, quizzes, statistics and best practices on health care solutions from the industry leader.

    Healthcare Solutions 14 November, 2016

    HIPAA Considerations for 2017

    Although there are no new requirements for 2017, there are emerging dynamics that could affect healthcare organizations of all sizes.

    Healthcare Solutions 31 October, 2016

    Pie in the Face

    At Stericycle, giving back is an integral part of our company culture.

    Healthcare Solutions 29 October, 2016

    Change Wars: Supporting Childhood Cancer Awareness

    Throughout Stericycle, cultural ambassadors—designated staff members who strive to foster an engaging, inviting workplace—spearhead projects to promote staff unity and impact the communities.

    Healthcare Solutions 02 September, 2016

    Hazard: Medical Waste’s Impact on Recycling and Waste Workers

    Of course, hazardous medical waste is just that: hazardous.

    Healthcare Solutions 01 September, 2016

    Talking Trash: Ensuring Proper Waste Disposal

    Healthcare organizations generate a lot of waste—think regulated medical waste, hazardous drugs and even secure documents.