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Corporate 22 April, 2015

Celebrating Earth Day: 8 Sustainability Accomplishments From Stericycle

Around the globe every day, Stericycle is supporting healthcare providers and other businesses with their sustainability efforts. In fact, sustainability is so important to us at Stericycle that “safeguarding the environment” is part of our core purpose.

Here are some of our accomplishments from 2014:

  1. We treated more than 1 billion pounds of medical waste around the globe; this protected healthcare workers and solid waste workers from dangerous pathogens.
  2. We ensured proper waste management of more than 1 billion pounds of hazardous waste to prevent unintended harmful consequence to the environment resulting from a variety of chemicals.
  3. We managed the disposal of more than 30 million pounds of pharmaceuticals from healthcare organizations to help prevent these chemicals from entering our waterways.
  4. As the largest provider of recall services, we coordinated the recall and retrieval of millions of products, thereby protecting consumers.
  5. Our focus on truck route efficiencies resulted in our fleets driving 2.5 million fewer miles.
  6. Our focus on reusable plastic containers — both sharps containers and regulated medical waste transport containers — reduced the need for 94 million pounds of plastic.
  7. In our day-to-day operations, we recycled more than 4.4 million pounds of corrugated cardboard.
  8. We reconditioned 72% of steel and plastic drums used to transport materials.
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