Stericycle StrongPak

Stericycle’s StrongPak™ services provide retailers a turnkey solution for the proper disposition of Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) hazardous waste. We bring accountability and standardization to regulatory-compliant disposal for a single store up to thousands of stores nationwide.

The Only RCRA and DEA Hazardous Waste Service Customized for Retailers

StrongPak is the only hazardous waste program specifically designed and built for retailers. Our comprehensive hazardous (or “haz”) waste program management offers the following customized services:

  • Consulting with highly professional hazardous materials (hazmat) trained technicians with extensive waste management and regulatory compliance experience
  • Managing and monitoring your store team members for haz waste compliance
  • Providing haz waste store supplies and store setup
  • Separating/segregating waste to prepare it for transport
  • Creating proper documentation and records of store compliance

Near Real-Time Analytics Offered by Our Retail Waste Expert (RWE) System

StrongPak goes beyond simple transportation and disposal of your retail hazardous waste by offering a robust online record-keeping, reporting, and decision tool for retail hazardous waste programs. Our Retail Waste Expert (RWE) system displays all aspects of your compliant corporate and store goals, including regulatory reporting of corporate-wide compliance statistics through detailed store level reports.

You can count on our Retail Waste Expert (RWE) to:

  • Eliminate the regulatory record-keeping burden, saving you time
  • Directly access waste, compliance, and service information
  • Receive daily status updates of entire retail waste program, from national to store level detail
  • Ensure the exact day and time that services are completed
  • Review amounts and types of waste being processed
  • Assess exceptions at store level
  • Store and access all state and federal regulatory records

Avoid the Penalties of Noncompliant Waste Disposal

In today’s business environment, manufacturers and retailers face the harshest enforcement actions that the industry has ever seen related to the proper management of hazardous waste.

All retail stores — supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies, discount outlets, home improvement stores, and “big box” chains — produce some hazardous wastes. Each spilled bottle of bleach, damaged aerosol can, or returned container of pool chemicals must be properly disposed as hazardous waste. Even though you may generate only a small volume of hazardous waste, the financial penalties for regulatory noncompliance still exist.

With increased funding for enforcement and compliance programs, we are seeing only the beginning of the agency’s growing commitment to vigorous enforcement of our nation’s environmental laws. It is no longer a matter of whether a retailer will be inspected for compliance with environmental regulations. It’s a matter of when.

For these needs, our StrongPak program provides regulatory-compliant, retailer-friendly programs that help stores effectively manage hazardous waste disposal. StrongPak makes compliance simple — and that is a win for everyone.

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