Steri-Safe Preferred Value: Annual Simulated OSHA Visit

Beyond being the nation’s most trusted biohazardous waste disposal company, Stericycle has many service options to meet your facility’s needs. Our Steri-Safe programs deliver unparalleled protection by combining regulated medical waste disposal services and essential compliance tools that meet your needs.

Steri-Safe OSHA Programs Protect You and Your Employees

In addition to reliable and trustworthy biohazardous waste disposal pickups, our Steri-Safe services offer you the resources you need to protect your employees and your reputation.

The US Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandates that businesses put into place a variety of safeguards to protect employees on the job. Understanding these regulations and how to comply can be confusing and time-consuming.

In addition to disposal services, the Steri-Safe program is designed to help you:

  • Train and educate your employees about critical health and safety issues
  • Quickly and easily complete safety plans and training needs
  • Minimize the risk of financial strain due to unexpected OSHA fines and penalties
  • Receive The Safety Matters eNewsletter with important updates on compliance regulations and best practices

Steri-Safe Preferred Level Features an Onsite Specialist and Our Guarantee

Stericycle’s Steri-Safe Preferred level provides in-person, onsite training and evaluation with a Certified Occupational Safety Specialist, who has a minimum of 30 hours of OSHA training. Our specialist will visit your facility annually, answer your questions year-round, and provide expert recommendations that help you stay compliant.

Along with your disposal pickup, Steri-Safe Preferred service includes:

  • Onsite visit by a Stericycle Certified Occupational Safety Specialist for bloodborne pathogens (BBP) OSHA training and simulated OSHA evaluation with 150+ point checklist
  • Evaluation of your book of Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), now called Safety Data Sheets (SDS), with expert guidance
  • Review and advice on your OSHA safety plans
  • Telephone and email availability of your Certified Occupational Safety Specialist throughout the year
  • NO FINE. NO FAILSM. OSHA Guarantee

We’re so confident in our Steri-Safe Preferred level service that we offer a “NO FINE. NO FAIL. Guarantee.” Follow the Steri-Safe Preferred plan that we provide, and we’ll pay any potential OSHA fines relating to BBP training and medical waste practices.

Steri-Safe Select Level Offers Comprehensive Online Services

Steri-Safe Select level customers receive comprehensive online services and other educational resources:

  • Online BBP training with automatic e-tracking compliance
  • Extensive collection of safety training resources in our online Safety Meeting Library
  • Comprehensive, state-of-the-art MSDS system access
  • OSHA Safety Plan Builder with automated inputs for state and practice-specific plans
  • Special offers and discounted products

Of course, these all-inclusive services are also available to our Steri-Safe Preferred customers — and are ideal for Steri-Safe Preferred employees who miss their annual onsite training.

For a sample of the thorough, high-quality BBP education you and your employees can receive from Stericycle:

Take a Tour of Our Online Bloodborne Pathogen Training

All Customers Receive Essential Tools and Training

All Stericycle regulated medical waste customers have 24/7 access with secure customer log-in to:

  • Online state-specific biohazardous waste and Department of Transportation (DOT) training
  • Free safety webinars, live and on-demand
  • Required manifests on-demand (waste transportation records)
  • Flexible, online scheduling options in a secure customer site
  • OSHA and red bag educational posters

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