Hazardous Waste Management Services

For all types of hazardous waste and biohazardous waste (sharps waste and medical waste disposal), Stericycle provides environmentally sound, flexible, and cost-effective solutions.

Our Hazardous Waste Services Are Customized to Your Needs

Our hazardous waste disposal services can minimize your long-term liability, complement your green goals, and/or minimize your costs.

When removing hazardous materials, we’ll work jointly with your team to develop a customized hazardous waste disposal plan that meets your facility’s objectives and requirements.

We’re here to protect your people, your brand, and your budget with waste solutions for:

We Have the Hazardous Waste Knowledge, the Customer-friendly Approach, and the Cost-competitive Service

To remove or clean up hazardous wastes, you require a fully-equipped and knowledgeable business partner. We are experts in professionally handling and transporting your wastes, whether you’re a manufacturer, healthcare system, business, retailer or academic facility.

We offer you:

  • Customer-friendly, cost-competitive service
  • Extensive hazardous waste know-how
  • Strict compliance with all local and federal laws
  • Wide range of nationwide resources

Our Strict Adherence to Hazardous Waste Regulations Reduces Your Risk

Stericycle maintains strict compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations, assuring the highest level of compliance and liability protection to our customers.

To protect our customers, our experts apply their technical proficiency to characterize each waste prior to acceptance. We also require periodic re-characterization of wastes, and we conduct frequent audits of all treatment storage disposal facilities (TSDFs). This helps ensure the safety of your people, your reputation, and your local community.

We provide a description of your hazardous and nonhazardous waste, called a waste profile. We also print waste manifests (tracking and shipping records) that are signature-ready, and we coordinate all your waste transportation logistics.

Our Nationwide Coverage Allows Us to Respond Quickly

We offer you a full scope of waste services, nationwide.

Our large fleet of transportation alternatives provides the most efficient and safe shipping methods to meet the hazardous waste requirements of your facility. We’re prepared to quickly respond to diverse situations with a full-range of waste handling equipment:

  • Compactors and shredders
  • Excavators (heavy-construction equipment)
  • Railcars and intermodal (road and rail) vehicles
  • Rolloffs (specialized mobile waste bins with wheels)
  • Sprinter vans
  • Straight trucks and semitrailers
  • Tanker trucks
  • Vacuum trucks

We Serve a Broad Variety of Industries Like Yours

Stericycle provides all types of disposal solutions to match the complexities of every type of waste. Our disposal options include waste-to-energy, solidification, stabilization, end disposal, landfill, soil remediation, soil treatment, and other industrial waste disposal options.

Moreover, our hazardous waste services are complemented by the full range of waste treatment storage disposal facility (TSDF) technologies.

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