Stericycle Recall, Retrieval, & Mystery Shopping

Our Stericycle recall, retrieval, and mystery shopping services are part of a comprehensive offering of corporate business services called ExpertSOLUTIONS.

Stericycle ExpertSOLUTIONS: Comprehensive Brand Protection Services

With our ExpertSOLUTIONS, we offer you a vast array of recall services and quality audit solutions that protect your brand:

Stericycle ExpertSOLUTIONS: The Single Answer to Your Complex Business Challenges

The potential of a product recall presents formidable challenges for any business, and helping you meet those challenges is exactly what Stericycle ExpertSOLUTIONS does.

At Stericycle ExpertSOLUTIONS, we demonstrate our commitment to protecting people, brands, businesses, and the environment, while helping you communicate that same commitment to your customers.

Stericycle ExpertSOLUTIONS is fully committed to serving your needs and helping you:

  • Identify and build on the strengths of your business
  • Take advantage of your opportunities
  • Mitigate risks associated with reputation management

Stericycle Recall Services

Stericycle recall services is a global leader in product recall services. We offer a full suite of recall solutions for companies that are, or may be facing, the product recall process within the pharmaceutical, medical device, consumer goods, juvenile products, and food and beverage industries.

Stericycle Return Services

Stericycle return services help pharmaceutical manufacturers and retail pharmacies manage and execute the return of unused and expired pharmaceuticals, ensuring that you have accurate and reliable product returns processing, tracking, counting, and reimbursement of products.

Stericycle Retrieval Services

Stericycle retrieval services offer you the most comprehensive suite of retrieval, quality audit, brand integrity, and consumer complaint services. Stericycle ExpertRETRIEVAL protects your company’s products and brands.

Stericycle Audit Services

Our audit services employ the industry’s best auditors to perform mystery shopping assignments and conduct announced audits, giving you the information management you need to ensure store compliance, dominate market share, and keep your customers happy.

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