Home Sharps Container Mailback Kit

The Stericycle Sharps Mailback Disposal Service is ideal for you and your family, if you manage a medical condition at home with insulin or other injections or infusions.

Your Sharps Container AND a Way to Dispose of It

Home-generated needles, lancets, and syringes are called “sharps” by your doctor, nurse, and other healthcare professionals. Our home sharps kit not only includes a sharps container for your needle or syringe disposal, but also a way to safely DISPOSE of the container once you fill it — unlike sharps containers you can purchase at your local pharmacy.

Choose an Environmentally Responsible Way to Dispose of Your Sharps

Sharps that are disposed of as household waste present a great risk to sanitation and sewage treatment workers, janitors, housekeepers, children, and pets. Our home needle disposal kits can help keep you and your community safe.

Some state governments have set guidelines about throwing out needles. California, for example, now prohibits disposal of needles in regular household waste.

Be Confident in the Protection of Your Home Sharps Disposal

Our all-in-one mailback kits comply with government and USPS regulations and are specially designed for mailing needles, syringes, lancets, and other sharps waste.

Your convenient, all-in-one home needles disposal kit includes:

  • Specially Designed Sharps Container
  • Postage-prepaid shipping box
  • Pre-addressed shipping labels
  • Sharps disposal tracking form

Once the container is full, you complete the simple sharps disposal tracking form and ship the container back to Stericycle in the provided box. We properly document, treat, and dispose the sharps container and its contents.

It’s convenient and safe.

For the safety of our Stericycle workers, we only accept home mailback containers provided by Stericycle.

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