Request or Change Biohazard Waste Pick-up Date

At Stericycle, our focus is on you, our customer, and we’ll do our very best to provide convenient, flexible biohazard waste disposal removal that doesn't interrupt your busy office, company, or facility.

Change Scheduled Pick-up Date or Other Current Customer Request

When your biohazard waste containers are full before a scheduled waste disposal pick-up date, or your office is closed on your scheduled date, we strive to accommodate your busy schedule whenever possible.

Schedule a Pick-up Change That Is 2+ Business Days Away


If you’re the administrator for your facility, you can access, print, schedule, or change your biohazard waste pickup online. It’s quick, easy, and available 24/7.

  • New Users: click "JOIN NOW," then log in to the secure site
  • Registered Users: securely log in using your user name and password
  • On the first page that opens, go to the first tab: "My Biohazard Service"

You can log in to your password-protected account (at left or on our home page).

By Phone Automation

Please have your customer account and site number ready. Call 1.866.783.7422, and follow the voice prompts to:

  • Ask for a fax of your invoice or pick-up calendar
  • Get your next pick-up date
  • Request a change in your disposal pickup or cancel your scheduled pickup
  • Confirm your current balance and last payment

Although we do our best to reconfigure our routes to meet your needs, a specific day or time may occasionally be unavailable.

Change Within 2 Business Days of Scheduled Pickup

If you need to make a change and your scheduled pickup is just 2 business days away (or sooner), please call us directly at: 1.866.783.7422. Specific days or times may occasionally be unavailable because of our customer pickup routes.

Take a Virtual Tour of or Contact Customer Service

Not Already a Stericycle Customer? Or Need to Start a New Service?

As the nation's leading provider of regulated medical waste services, we can offer you the flexibility and convenience you need with a local service and support team.