170 Proud Customers and Counting!

By Stericycle
When Stericycle asked their hazardous drug disposal customers to display a “Be Proud” certificate in their office – 170 did (and counting!). The certificate underscores a strong commitment to our customers’ employees and the environment by using Stericycle’s safe, compliant Hazardous Drug Disposal Service. We love to see so many of our customers properly and responsibly disposing of their hazardous waste!

Here are some of the program benefits our customers are receiving:

• Safe- Train and educate your staff to ensure they are well-versed in regulatory requirements and proper handling procedures

• Simple- Package almost all pharmaceutical waste into one container

• Compliant- Comply with EPA, DOT, and state/local regulations for the disposal of non-narcotic pharmaceutical waste

•Flexible-Choose the number of Rx containers, and service frequency you need

Need a better way to manager your pharmaceutical waste? Click here for more information.

Stericycle focuses on helping customers by providing proven, customer-centric, scalable services that protect people and brands, promote health and safeguard the environment.

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